Radiant Biopharma is a young, agile and innovative entrepreneurship. It was founded based on a simple dream: to improve people’s lives. 

In Radiant Biopharma, we strive to deliver healthcare products backed by scientific evidence. Thus we worked with qualified healthcare providers to formulate PROTÉGEN, own brand of nutraceutical intended for health and wellness. 

The word PROTÉGEN has special meanings in both english and spanish. It literally means "collagen protein" in english and "protection" in spanish.

What makes PROTÉGEN unique from other collagen protein supplement? We can proudly claim that PROTÉGEN has been tested clinically in public hospital settings with proven display of safety and efficacy.

Early observational studies in hospital showed that PROTÉGEN improved patients nutritional outcomes e.g. body weight, muscle mass and body fat. In 2017, PROTÉGEN randomised controlled trial was conducted in malnourished ESRD patients with the objective to fill in the nutrition gap. Subsequently, PROTÉGEN is further tested on other patient subjects e.g. surgical, cancer, and burned patients in major public hospitals.

“Improving Nutrition, Promoting Health.” These are the values we wanna deliver to our stakeholders!